Back to Basics

Happy Wednesday! I’m in a fantastic mood because I have my favorite study space on campus all to myself.


When I first started carrying a notebook, I didn’t have any kind of system. I’ve always liked lists so that’s how I recorded information: as bullet points.

My system has evolved substantially over the years. I have used the official Filofax diary refills (especially the week on two pages). I started making my own after a while to suit my needs. I worked on the layout below for months before I was happy with it. Aston nostalgia


Once I solidified my design, I started printing my own.


Around this time, I came to realize that I was using my journal less and less. I always used a weekly in addition to a monthly spread and my Google calendar. I really felt that I needed all 3, but it was becoming a chore. I cared more about the aesthetics than the function (not that anyone ever saw it but me).

I knew something needed to change when I found myself going days at a time without even pulling my planner out of my bag. Fortunately, I had a lovely the-teacher-will-appear moment a couple of weeks ago.

Cue heavenly music… ->>> ★  BulletJournaling  ★ <<<-

It’s beautiful. It’s easy, simple, and best of all versatile. It can be as minimal or complex as you wish. It can even change day-to-day. Some days will only call for simple check boxes; on others I will utilize multiple designating icons.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, voila:

There are more details and tips on the website, which will soon became a platform to serve as a community and library for tutorials and such thanks to the wildly successful Kickstarter.

Whelp, this post is long enough. I’m currently holding off on sharing my current layout because it’s still so new. Thanks for reading.

Next up: pens!


3 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Hi!

    I use the Bullet Journal to an extent, but first I was using color-coding, and now I have one color, but multiple icons. I think I may have overdone it, though, and watching this vid has me rethinking the 9 I’m using. 😉 I also need to start indexing! I never remember to do that.

    • You have me beat! I think I was up to 4 or 5 colors at one point. I’m trying to use Gretchen Rubin’s “strategy of convenience” to make it as convenient as possible to use my journal, so I’m sticking with 2.

      I am not currently indexing. Since I’m using a planner with rings, I am using dividers to separate my calendar from my collections. Maybe I should use an index just for my collections…

      What kind of notebook are you using (size, lines or grids, etc.)?

      • I just went through mine, redid the icons, realized that I don’t need an index as I use a Filofax and each month is quite obvious. I may index specific things, though…I’m not sure. My Filofax (this one is a Personal Fusion) is always a work in progress.

        I have 2 of those Bic 4-color pens, but as much as I love color (hate black ink), it got a bit ridiculous. 😉

        Oh, in this one I have a day-per-page set up.

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