Dividers and my Endeavor for Simplicity

Happy Friday!

I’ve been making my own dividers since my Tecnic.  I use packing tape to “laminate” old cards and other sentimental things that would otherwise end up in a drawer.  Unfortunately, I have to replace them fairly often (every few months) because they get ratty so quickly.

Here are the dividers I’ve used most recently that are still in fairly good shape.  Most of them are photocopied from SoulPancake, one is a map of my school’s main campus, and one is photocopied from a lovely graphic novel called Blankets that was given to me as a gift.



One of the most frustrating things is not having decent tabs.  This one is still in good shape, but these plastic ones tend to crack and split after a while.


I just added these Midori brass clips to my wish list.  (Image from Present&Correct)

Screenshot 2014-10-17 at 20.56.32

Since I’m striving for a theme of simplicity and functionality, I pulled out my old Filofax branded dividers.  I saved them because I love the colours, but I always wanted something with more personality until now.

And now I’ve made them immortal!


My school has a giant laminator in the Education Building!




I may add some stickers later.

I reorganized my sections earlier this week, but I’m using a lot of pencil because I’m anticipating making more changes once I receive the downloadable PDFs from the Bullet Journal kickstarter.  I’m way too excited and impatient.



2 thoughts on “Dividers and my Endeavor for Simplicity

  1. It’s over now, but you can find the page here:

    I found it because of a banner on the BulletJournal website. If you’re interested, there are currently a lot of online bullet journal communities that are quite active. I’m very fond of the Google+ community:

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