Planner Evolution Update

I conditioned my Holborn for the first time in months.  I use Kiwi Outdoor Mink Oil and my dog thought it smelled really interesting so the in-progress pictures didn’t work out.

wpid-wp-1424135916907.jpeg wpid-wp-1424136118456.jpeg

I have reorganized since my last post.  This was my previous setup:

  1. Notes/In (also called “capture” or “inbox” if you use GTD / ZTD or any variant)
  2. Journal
  3. Collections
  4. Referencewpid-img_20150216_1612192.jpg.jpeg

This is my current setup:

  1. Bullet Journal*
    1. Daily Pages
    2. Tasks
    3. Monthly Spreads
    4. Collections (indexed)
  2. Reference
  3. Notes/in

wpid-img_20150216_1528472.jpg.jpeg*Note: Technically, the first four sections are my “bullet journal”.

1A – Daily pages

I mostly stay in the first section day-to-day and I consult and pull data from the other sections as needed.  I just started keeping an index card (inspired by TheXEffect) in my daily pages to keep track of my daily mindfulness practice.

1B – Tasks

My tasks section is where I list to-dos that are not bound to specific dates.  At the end of each month, I title a new page for the new month (e.g.  MARCH 2015).  Each item on the previous month either gets migrated or crossed off so I never have to consult previous spreads.

Lately, I’ve been needing to keep track of a few tasks I’d like to do for my mom.  I’m trying out keeping my “Mom” list on the left side and everything else on the right.

wpid-img_20150216_1614002.jpg.jpeg wpid-img_20150216_1613112.jpg.jpeg

1C – Monthly Spreads

wpid-img_20150216_1614302.jpg.jpegThe first picture is my attempt at being creative this term.  Those are stickers on a dry erase sheet I cut to fit and punched.  My work schedule is often erratic, so I just put in my class and yoga schedule and some chores.  I’ve started volunteering since then and I am on a different yoga schedule so it needs an update badly.

I format my monthly spread similar to Ryder Carroll’s recommended bullet journal setup, but I found I wanted more lines to add some structure (the long horizontal lines indicate weeks).  I usually draw up about 3 months at a time for future planning purposes.  You can see my academic due dates already written in for April.



1D – Collections

Collections are where I put things that are relevant medium term as opposed to things like grocery lists that are only relevant for a few days.  This is the only section I index.  My other bullet journal sections are chronological so indexing is unnecessary.

2 – Reference

This is where my medium to long term collections and lists live.  I keep a couple of important passwords and backup codes here as well as my yoga studio’s spring schedule, grading guidelines used by my school, marriage rules, the handy NATO phonetic alphabet, and of course some commonly used Klingon phrases (yIDoghQo’!).

wpid-img_20150216_1618292.jpg.jpeg wpid-img_20150216_1619002.jpg.jpeg wpid-img_20150216_1619232.jpg.jpeg

3 – Notes/In

wpid-img_20150216_1620472.jpg.jpegI could not bring myself to drop this section altogether, even though I don’t often use it.  I justify this because I keep extra pages here.

Sometimes I need to doodle or quickly take notes to organize later.  I try to scratch out as I go so I know when a page is no longer needed.

I use to print my 5mm graph paper.  They are stellar.

I was going to show off my pocket dividers and other knick-knacks but this post is getting long and I need to go to bed eventually.  Goodnight, internet!


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